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  1. Welcome to the first video in The Product Photo Fix Up series! Tell me, what was one takeaway from the video that you found particularly useful or interesting?

    1. I like the holistic view point, of all the elements you need to bring together for not only photography, but online selling in general.

    2. Amy
      Watching the videos that is in your course on Product photos
      I am already learning so much as well as my own no no’s in my own product phots
      I am so excited to start trying out some of the ideas now of the Earth Art And Eco Art jewelry that I sell as well as incorporating the video ideas in working on my course for fall. Looking forward to starting both

    3. Hi Amy, I couldn't believe how many different kinds of photos are used to create a feel about a brand and its products online. I can already see that I could pull a couple more shots together and that would already help me. Looking forward to tomorrows video. Thanks for putting this together.

    4. That's awesome, Laura! I'm so pleased that your imagination has been sparked. Kind of exciting, isn't it? 🙂

    5. Hi Amy, I loved the first video so far. I'm late getting them watched due to *life*, but am feeling inspired! My website needs a huge refresh & product shots are on the priority list. Your direct & simple explanations are perfect, thank you! 🙂

    6. Hi Eva! I'm happy to hear you're feeling inspired by the video. That's my biggest hope for this series!

    7. What I struggle with is that my products are generally larger than those you are using as examples. For example, wall hanging bars with slots to hold glasses. Without having screw holes all over my walls I struggle to show them in a lifestyle situation. Any suggestions on faking set-ups for items like this. This item is not on my Etsy site as I am struggling to photograph it.

    8. Hi Sue! I know, it can be tough to visual how some of these things can be applied to larger products. I'd suggest getting a large panel (like bead board or shiplap) to use as a faux wall to display your glass racks.

    9. I already do photography as just a fun hobby but decided to start a buisness on the side for a product I am selling on Etsy. I am so excited to be here to learn more about how to style my photos to help my my buisness venture a successful one.

      This video helped me understand what are my goals when taking photos of my products for my shop. I am looking forward in seeing what I am going to learn tomorrow! 😊

    10. Wonderful start, very informative and definitely visually impactful. Looking forward to tomorrow's video. Thank you so very much.

    11. Great video! Good information! A lot of my products are much bigger than the items you show in your examples. For example blankets, throws, pillow, shawls can you show some examples of photos with larger product?

    12. I have been So Sad about product photography for my business, feeling unable to get the image in my head clear and into the camera and then to my listings. This video was incredibly helpful! But what was most helpful was the glimmer of hope of being able to enjoy photography.

      Thanks Amy ✨🌿🖤🌿✨ I appreciate you!

    13. I realised the importance of lifestyle photos for my products and confess I have never taken one before!

  2. Good overview for beginners to understand why good photos matter. Looking forward to tomorrow’s video

  3. It was interesting to find out that lifestyle photos do not have to have a human in them or at least not all of the human.

    1. Yes! That can be a relief, for sure. It's all about being creative. 🙂

  4. Hi! Nicely done. . . although I know much of what you went over, it was a good reminder! Will try to make the live at noon, but not sure I can make it for the whole thing. Might be late.
    Very interested in learning more about technique, using my IPhone 12 Pro. . . hope you will be covering some of that.
    See you tomorrow!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Stephanie! While in the context of this video series I'm not able to dive into too much of the nitty gritty around technique, there's still lots to take in and learn. Looking forward to sharing more!

  5. Hello! Thank you very much! It is very interesting! I love to do jewelry and to take photos, but I have to learn a lot... I use my smartphone with Snapseed, I have a DSLR camera, but I don't know how to use it... Can't wait for tomorow! 🥰 Have a nice day! Anca Daniela

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Anca! Looking forward to sharing more! 🙂

  6. Thank you, Amy. I hadn't thought about using a more lifestyle type picture as my initial Etsy photo. I will have to re-think my main product photos (when I finally finish the course I'm working on).

  7. Good introduction. Much I had learned in other programs from you in the past. I am looking forward until tomorrow.

  8. Signed up for this because it’s always good to revisit and see if anything can improve. Learning from you in the past was a game changer for me! TY

  9. Excellent. I work with my Canon 6D and macro 100 1:28 lens. I need help with technique and lighting.
    If you can suggest a different lens- please do.

    1. If you photograph jewelry or small products, that lens is a great choice!

  10. Great introduction to product photography, especially the review of each type of photo and their why.

    I get so busy with just trying to get a photo out there that sometimes I forget they why. Looks like I have quite a bit of work to do but it'll be worth it.


  11. Thank you, Amy, great first video, looking forward to the second one! Already thinking how I can take more lifestyle photos.

  12. I really enjoyed the breakdown of Discovery, Relationship, Inform and Spark Inspiration. I think that will help me know what photos to include in my listings.

  13. Hi Dear Amy,

    I liked the video very much it is very helpful for me because you took the market place and audience and put them first, something that is difficult specially in my country Macedonia, because the market is small and the internet market has soo many rules for here and customers have to be always in the first place. I do product photography and I love adding some small significant décor in it, so the lifestyle suggestion is a big plus that I was using but not so much. Thank you for this one.

  14. Yup, I needed this. This presentation was smartly organized and gathered up those loose ends of product photography and gave them a "why" and put them in order for me. Thank you so much Amy! I'll be back for more.

  15. Hi Amy, I enjoyed this video and found it informative. Your delivery is great! I never thought of using a lifestyle photo as a prominent image. Do you have any recommendations on how to create a lifestyle photo as a seller of original prints? Looking forward to tomorrow’s video!
    P.S. I need that sloth planter!

    1. Haha, he's one of my faves! I have a few shots of lifestyle photos of art prints on my Instagram that you might get some ideas from. 🙂

  16. Time to ditch the ruler in my product photos! Thanks for the product photography video. It got me thinking about some changes I can make. I'm looking forward to the next 2 videos!

  17. Thank you, Amy. This was a great starter video and I’m looking forward to the next ones. As a greeting-card-maker, I seem to struggle a bit with how to set-up the intentionally-styled / lifestyle photos since each card can often cater to a different occasion, season, vibe or story. Through some of your previous teachings, I’ve really looked at my branding and my product photos and how I can gel the two better. So, while I feel like I’m getting a better understanding of what I need to do, there’s still so much more I can learn to get those great photos that will intrigue and inspire!

  18. Great video! The beautiful photos are very inspiring and the information is excellent. I can see where the photos need to "tell a story." Can't wait to learn more!

  19. This was so helpful - product photos have been such a challenge for me - it has really almost stopped my online business because I can't seem to get myself to do them! I'm so excited for the next video 🙂

  20. Thank you Amy, that's was great. I never think to use lifestyle photoson Etsy. Can't wait to tomorrow video.

  21. Thank you, Amy. I like how you broke up the photos to suit the stages that customers go through. I really struggle with lifestyle photos. It's something that's been holding me back. I hope to get some more ideas with this.

  22. Hi Amy, It's good to know that lifestyle photos don't need people in them. I also like how you broke down the type of photos by the stages of customer engagement. That gives me a bit to think about as far as the photos I need, number to take, angles, settings etc.

  23. Thank you. Good intro. Already got a few ideas bubbling...will wait till ive watched the next 2 though! How many photos then do you think you should have of a product (I know it depends on the product) but maybe 3 minimum?

  24. I know that I have a long way to go with my photography. It was good to start with the basics today. Looking forward to tomorrow’s video. Hoping to learn a great deal in order to have photos that attract new business. Thanks!

  25. I appreciate the tip to include lifestyle photos in listings. I tend to just to products from different angles but not show how/where they can be used.

  26. I also agree that hearing it's not necessary to have a human in a live style phone has opened up some possibilities. Also, ideas of adding photos of myself creating my products came to mind.

  27. Hi Amy,
    This was a great video! Very inspiring.
    I am just starting to enjoy taking photos of my products and finding my style. I’m going to have a rethink of my props and how they tie in with my ideal customer.
    Great to think about lifestyle photos without a person - my little boy is getting fed up of being a model with my dolls that I make!

    Looking forward to next video 😉

  28. Just finished watching and I'm so glad I did! I've been planning to re-do many of my photos when creating my new website. Scale shots and lifestyle photos have always been a struggle for me and yes, I have used both the ruler and the quarter lol. Being a jewelry maker, I loved the idea of using smoke as a "prop" for that bracelet and one of my jewelry lines falls into a similar category so I'll absolutely be keeping that in mind when I'm doing photos for new items. It's also given me some ideas for other things to use as well. Thank you, Amy!

  29. I can’t tell you enough Amy how I already love your videos and help. I have had other lessons on how to photograph your items for selling. I always felt that trying to put a little bit of myself into the pictures was very important. But no, the other classes I took said no to only stark white backgrounds, not any color or items in the pictures but your product. It has never set well with me. So I am going to embrace my creativity and share my art and my heart while photographing my jewelry. Thank you, thank you.
    I have much work to do.

  30. Thanks, Amy! Your video gives me the push that I need to start creating better photo products for my crafts, specially using your tips on lifestyle photos 🙂

  31. Thanks Amy! I've been taking your courses for years now, but I love watching your new videos as they're always such a good reminder for me 🙂

  32. Beautiful photography! I'm hoping I can learn a few tricks to take better photos with my Samsung phone!
    Also some ideas on how to "lifestyle" reusable period pads! I'm sure I'll find some incredible insight and tips in your lessons. Thanks for leaving them up for a few days, I'm behind! Catching up as fast as I can!

  33. A key takeaway from the video that I found interesting was the role that high quality product photos can play in establishing trust in the online setting. This gave me pause to think about how and why, as a customer, I trust the in-person places I shop at vs Site XYZ from which I make purchases; and I realized, with no human interaction or physical store, if the online photos look bad or cheesy, I move on. I think I’ll be more closely scrutinizing my photos from that perspective to make sure they are completely cheesy-less (technical term), and completely full-up on genuineness, value, and beach fun!

  34. Thanks Amy, sorry that I am a little bit behind (due to work and time differences here in Australia) but I absolutely loved this video and found it extremely valuable. Looking forward to watching the next one very soon.

  35. Cutting it close and watching on the last day... I know, I know... But life got in the way. Tons of great information, I have been brainstorming props & photo set ups while watching! Off to video #2

  36. I so appreciate your step by step approach. Thank you.
    I know my photos lack the spark needed to convert to sales and in fact that has also held me back from adding more products to my shop. Looking forward to video 2 and 3.

  37. Thanks Amy! I really enjoyed the first video and I'm looking forward to the next two 🙂

    A lot of what you said really resonated – I can see how invaluable the skills you have to share with us will be to my business. A quick question – I've been using my iPhone 12 with Lightroom for mobile for a while now (with varying degrees of 'success' 🤣). I'm thinking of investing in a decent DSLR camera. Is there a particular model you'd recommend? I've noticed a Fujifilm camera in your photos, but not sure if that's just a prop?

    Thanks a lot! ❤️

    1. Hi Tamara! Great question! I do have and use the Fujifilm XT-20 (a mirrorless camera) but I mostly use it for travel and video. I love it and would recommend it, but it's twice as expensive as an entry-level DSLR camera and they are just as good for product photography. Many of my students use and love the Nikon D3500, which I recommend. The Canon Rebel Series (or 1000 series in Europe) is also a good choice. How exciting! Moving into a DSLR cameras opens up a whole new world for your photography. 🙂

  38. This is so helpful – thanks a lot Amy. There are so many top tens online, I literally don't know where to begin with narrowing all the options down. I've always been a Nikon fan (I used to consider my old FM2 my most loved travel companion 🤣), so I'll look into the D3500. Thanks again. Looking forward to watching today's video later on 🙂

  39. Really enjoyed this first video Amy and I will definitely be watching the next two!!

    I was really interested in your take on what photo's to use where and what the purpose is of each - not really something I had thought of much in the past, especially the aspect of building confidence in my customers. I think I do these things naturally, but not with the mindset that you've just outlined.

    I also liked your take on the sequence of photo's to use on Etsy as I have often wondered what order to place them in - and sadly whether or not customers even bother to look at them all.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the first video Janet! Hope you're enjoying the other two as well. 🙂

  40. So interesting, thank you! It's given me so much to mull over. We had been keeping lifestyle shots for social media but I can really see how they would work on listings now 🙂

  41. Thanks Amy. Only just catching up & enjoyed this first one. Have learnt a no no already & interested in adding the lifestyle elements to my different glass products. I do find it tricky to get the perfect shot with glass though.

    1. Hi Angela! So glad you're enjoying the videos. I have a reel on Instagram with a great tip on photographing glass. You can find it here. I hope it helps!

  42. Really enjoyed this first video Amy and will definitely be watching the next two!!

    It has given me a lot of food for thought, especially your take on the purpose of each photo and what photo's to use where, not really something I have thought about much in the past.

    I knew that photo's online are key to building customer confidence and trust in my products but have struggled to come up with ways to make my photo's grab the attention of someone scrolling.

    Also loved your take on the sequence of photo's to use, I have always put more than one photo on each listing on my website but have wondered if potential customers actually look at them or just focus on the main photo.

  43. Hi Amy,

    I loved this first video - everything makes so much sense, that I hadn't even considered before. I am very new to the product-based business world, and capturing my product in imagery is something I am very aware of as an absolute necessity. I don't want to be calling on my pro photographer every time I want to take a pic for social media, I actually want to do some things myself 🙂

    I loved how you broke the journey into stages - never known that before, and yes again makes perfect sense to do that, and bring the customer along on the journey.

    Thank you so much. Can't wait till tomorrow.


    1. So glad you enjoyed the first video, Denise! It sounds like you're on the right foot with your new business. Best of luck with it!

  44. Thank you so much! I love how you are straight to the point - no fluff really helps me stay focussed. Biggest takeaway is the lifestyle shots which I am probably currently missing and the thought process of the ideal customer for each individual piece. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    1. Kate, I'm so happy to hear you enjoy the video! Yes, keeping things straight to the point is definitely my teaching style, I'm glad you appreciate it. 🙂

  45. Thanks Amy, this video has given much for me to think about. I hadn't thought to include lifestyle in my scrapbooking product photos but it is a natural fit! Looking forward to tomorrow's class.

  46. Hi Amy
    Thank you for taking the time and effort to present useful information in a free format as a taster to your other classes. I am working on starting a business and am learning as I go. Great points and examples in this first video. I do know I need to prioritize showcasing my items since they are a "2d" experience. Can't wait to learn more!

  47. I loved this video Amy! So many great tips. I’m about to start my new home decor line and I’m ready and excited to take photos. At this stage it will be with my iPhone 12 Pro Max but in a month I’ll have the 14 pro max. The new upgrade should help create even more amazing pics. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s video,. Thank you so much

  48. Thanks Amy... Your ability to clearly show the different purpose behind photo styles helped to identify some new areas of focus I could try.

    1. That's great, Paula! I'm glad the video helped to spark some inspiration for you. 🙂

  49. Hello! Thank you very much for this video! I learned a lot already!
    Looking forward to seeing next one!

  50. Thank you so much for this video. I'm looking forward to the next one. I really need some help with my photos. Let's just say right now they are less than spectacular.

  51. Ahhh you’ve lit a fire in me for going all-in on this! You are so true in how you tie it to the creativity we already have, so why WOULDN’T we take this opportunity to develop a new passion?

    You are a phenomenal communicator and teacher, so I can’t wait to keep learning!!

  52. Amy, I don't sell products, but I do all my own photos for my lifestyle blog. I'm finding that your advice applies to all those photos too. You are very clear and easy to understand. Looking forward to the other videos.

  53. Thanks Amy, It really helped my anxiety knowing a person doesn’t have to be apart of the photo.

  54. This was such a great lesson but my main concern for my business is that I have a TON of small inexpensive items and creating all these different types of pics seems unrealistic for a $20 crystal that is one of a kind. How do people usually navigate this issue? I can't be the only one, right?

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