Learn to Rock Your Own Photography

Learn to Rock Your Own Photography

Take your own beautiful product photos

that make your customers swoon and hit that add to cart button.

You could spend $1000+ every time you need some products photographed for your shop or social media. Or, you could empower yourself AND save a pile of money by learning how to master the art of taking amazing product photos all by yourself.

Scroll on to read how all about how you can learn to master the art of photography your own products.


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  • It's Tuesday, which means a new episode of Picture Profit TV!

I know that achieving great product photos can be REALLY tough and may even feel like rocket science sometimes. Everything you read online goes right over your head because it's made for actual photographers.

You don't want to be a photographer, you just want to take great photos of your stuff so you can sell more. Right?

This week's episode outlines (in simple terms) the 5 steps you need to take for awesome product photos for your online shop so you can start taking better photos right now.

Check it out via link in profile!
  • // DIY PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE // Has your spouse finished their holiday shopping yet?

I'm guessing probably not.

I'm here to save them a lot of time (and save you from getting yet another scarf or bracelet) with my holiday gift guide for DIY product photography. (or if you want to buy a little somethin' somethin' for yourself, I'm totally in support of that tol) 
From cameras to lights to tripods, this list has you covered.

You can check it out over on my blog at www.amytakespictures.com/blog. 😊 ❤️
  • 💞 Yesterday was #givingtuesday. 💞

Thanks to my amazing community members who invested in my courses during my Bright Friday promotion, I was able to donate $300 to charity.

I chose to donate the money to Plan International. @planinternational fights for children's rights and equality for girls in over 75 countries worldwide.

You may notice I'm wearing a girl power t-shirt in this photo.

I'm a strong, passionate believer that girls all over the world, ANYWHERE, deserve the same right to a future as boys do.

Thank you for helping me help them. And thank you for supporting me too. 💖💖💖
📷: @creatinglight.studio
  • 🎉🎉 TODAY'S THE DAY! 🎉🎉 My YouTube channel officially launched today!

There are many days when I feel like get nothing substantial done, but today is not one of those days. Alright, I didn't really get much done today. But I did launch my YouTube channel, Picture Profit TV, and that is pretty sweet.

With new episodes every Tuesday, including loads of tips, advice, community questions answered, and maybe a pep talk here and there, there lots to tune in for.

Are you an YouTube watcher? Will you be tuning in?
  • 🎉 // COURSE SALE! // 🎉 (swipe right to see the deals!) You know I love a good Black Friday sale, and my courses are no exception. Well, except in my business I celebrate Bright Friday instead.

What is Bright Friday, you ask? Bright Friday embraces the spirit of the holiday season by giving back. You can help me give back this year when you enroll in any of my courses for Black Friday.

I'm donating 10% of my proceeds to Plan International, which fights for children's rights and equality for girls in over 75 countries worldwide.

Now let's talk about these courses!
🌟 Easy Photo Editing comes with a FREE set of my Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets ($97, full price $149).
🌟 Master the White Background is on presale for its January 2019 release for $97 (full price $197).
🌟 5 Days To Better Product Photos mini-course. If you missed out on the video replays of the challenge and want bonus checklists and questionnaires, this is for you, at $47 (full price $97).
Full details + sign up via link in profile! 😊 ❤️
  • Snapped this official announcement in about 3 seconds on the desk in my front room. No white foam board. Just my smartphone. Easy, right?

Sometimes overthinking the shot can prevent you from taking a good one. When you're feeling confused, unsure, and overwhelmed, just take a few steps back and simplify.

Baby #2 coming in May 2019. 😊
  • In my 5 day challenge this week, I'm hearing from lots of handmade sellers that they can't take photos in natural light when it's raining or overcast.

I'm here to say you TOTALLY can!

If you have a tripod, the ability to manually control your camera a bit, and the knowledge, you CAN make overcast days work for you.

Like this shot. I needed to get this shoot  done for @odd.duck.press, but it was raining as far as the forecast could see and I really wanted natural light for the shot. So I said screw it, and took the photos anyway. And they turned out pretty damn good.

This photo was taken with a Nikon D800 and 85mm 1.8 lens. ISO 400, aperture 2.8, and shutter speed 1/30. I used a tripod for stability. Shot in completely natural light.

Question? Drop em below!
  • Gorgeous bag, gorgeous photo! 📸

I didn't take this photo but Gillian (@piprobins), who took my free 5 day training last time around, did.👏👏👏 Since taking my 5 day training in April, Gillian's Instagram followers have grown by 1000 and she has a waitlist a mile long of customers wanting to buy her bags. (swipe right to see Gillian's own words about the training)

The best part? I'm hosting my free 5 day training again next week and you're invited. Gillian signed up again and is hoping to take her follower count to 10k! What will having great photos do for you?

Click the link in my profile to sign up and find out!