The Product Photo Fix Up

Free 3-Part Video Series To Bust You Out of Your Product Photography Funk So You Can Start Taking Better Photos, Faster
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Join us for 3 days of learning + inspiration and set off on the right track to truly effective and impactful product photos
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Video #1: Product Photography Magic

Increase Your Conversion Rates & Sales
In this video, we’re diving deep into how your product photos affect each step of the customer journey, from first encountering you (including how to grab their attention) all the way to making the sale. Knowledge really is power in this case.
Gain the clarity you need to take the right photos and position them in the right places, increasing your conversion rates and leading to more sales.

Video #2: The Product Photo Fix Up

Start Taking Better Photos, Faster
The first step in knowing how to fix your photos is knowing where you’re going wrong. That’s exactly what we’re covering in this second video.

Instead of trying loads of different things in an attempt to figure out what works, save yourself heaps of time by identifying exactly what needs to be fixed so that you can start taking better product photos faster.
Cut right to what needs to be fixed in your product photos, so you get can get down to business and fix them - quickly.
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Video #3: Creative Product Photography

Make The Process FUN & Rewarding
Product photography truly can be fun and enjoyable. 

Did I just lose you? I promise it's true!

You're a creative person and product photography is a creative craft. You just need to connect the two - and in this video I'll show you how.

Imagine for a moment:

You not only take great product photos, but it’s something you genuinely look forward to.

Product photography is no longer a thorn in your side and you create beautiful and compelling photos with ease and confidence.

Daily Livestreams

In addition to the pre-recorded videos that will be delivered to your inbox each day, I'll also be going live on both Instagram and Facebook to chat about the video and answer questions. 
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