How To Make Sure That The Colours Look Right In Your Etsy Product Photos

Let's talk about how to make sure that the colours in your Etsy product photos look right. It's not a super sexy topic, but I'm here to tell ya, it's an important one!

Have you ever uploaded an Etsy product photo only to find the colours way out of whack? Your product's colours don't look right on Etsy at all! What gives?

Here's the truth - it's those free photo editing programs! You know the ones I'm talking about. Pixlr, Picmonkey, Snapseed. Those ones.

They edit a decent vacation photos of your family, but your product photos? Heck no. Those colours are going to totally misrepresent your product and you can expect some unhappy messages from customers coming your way.

So here's the thing. The best photo editing programs out there are Photoshop and Lightroom and they're only $9.99 a month. They're sooo worth it. You can do this little thing called embedding a color profile with your image and that's what tells Etsy and other websites how to convey the colors of your image (and thus, your product). Otherwise Etsy tries to do it on its own and it's less than pretty.

I explain all about it in this video and I show you how to use Photoshop or Lightroom to embed a colour profile so your product's colors look perfect on Etsy. Check it out here >>

To summarize, if your images are showing weird coloring in your Etsy shop or on your own handmade shop's website, it's most likely because there's no color profile embedded in the image.

As handmade sellers selling online, having the colors of your products portrayed accurately is SUPER important to avoid your customers being unhappy with products arriving a different color than they look online, and in reducing your rate of returns.

Unfortunately, most free editing programs don't embed a color profile. In fact, they strip your images of any pre-established color profile. But, I know you're a handmade seller trying to make a go of it so everyone dollar counts - so I have dug up a free option for you. More on that in an upcoming post!

Don't have Photoshop or Lightroom? Grab it here for $9.99/month >>

Just to really drive my point home, here are some examples of the same photo - one saved in Lightroom with an embedded profile, and one saved in Pixlr without a colour profile.

With colour profile embedded 

The colour of the card is correct, as are the rest of the colours in the photo.

No embedded colour profile

The colour looks blah, the red is off, and the photos has a cool, greenish tinge.

And that, my friends, is the story of the embedded colour profile.

Go. Embed. Sell your stuff with kick ass Etsy product photos.

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2 comments on “How To Make Sure That The Colours Look Right In Your Etsy Product Photos”

  1. HI Amy you say in this blog that you have dug up a free option for embedding a color profile but I can't find where you discuss this in a later blog. Can you please explain what it is or give the link to the blog where you reveal it.Many thanks Prue

    1. Hi Prue! For computer, you can embed colour profiles with GIMP although I believe it takes some extra steps. And both Snapseed and the free Lightroom app for your smartphone also embed a colour profile now!

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