Learn to love crafting beautiful, thoughtful, and impactful photos for your creative business

Intentionally-crafted images impact the energy you bring to your business. It's pure magic.

They shift your mindset, grow your confidence, and give you the personal power to share your work and creativity with the world.

Learn a fulfilling new craft that benefits your business and your creative soul.

Photos that evoke emotion and desire are the most powerful marketing images for your business.

Beautiful, soulfully-crafted photos make your customers or clients *feel* the experience your product or service can provide for them, and moves them to want to do business with you.

STAND OUT & SELL: The Product Photo Styling Formula

Craft beautiful, on-brand styled photos

Creating captivating and compelling photos doesn't have to be complicated.

SO&S weaves the technique of expertly styling photos with the creativity of bringing the essence of your brand and products to life.

SO&S covers how branding relates to your styled images, establishing your unique photo aesthetic, selecting the perfect props and backgrounds, composition of different types of styled photos, and how to bring meaningful storytelling into your photos.


Build Your Own Course with BPS

With 12 classes covering everything you need to know about brand and product photography for your business, you can mix and match the classes you need to create the perfect course for you. Combine 3 or more classes together for 20% or grab one of our pre-made bundles.

Learn what you want, when you want, as a price that's genuinely affordable.

Master Your Camera

online courses for DSLR/Mirrorless & smartphone cameras




"My photography skills are constantly improving and at the same time, my sales also increase. Amy’s program is the best thing I could have invested in for my business."

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