Correctly Size Your Etsy Photos With The Photoshop Express App

Today we’re talking about how to correctly size your Etsy photos using your smartphone.

The ideal ratio and size for your Etsy photos is 5:4 and 3000 x 2400 px. That allows your photo to be the correct ratio for the thumbnail images that appear in the Etsy search and ensure your images is large enough to look fantastic when moused over with the zoom tool.

But just how do you correctly size your Etsy photos?

Starting With A Large Photo

First, it’s super important to ensure that your images are already larger than 3000 x 2400 px when you take them. Images cannot be enlarge without losing quality once they’ve been taking. Consult your camera manual to find out how to ensure your images are being captured at a large enough size.

Once the image is taken, it’s time to give it an edit. There’s a full editing process involved, but today we’re just going to focus on the crop, where you’ll adjust your ratio and resolution.

Correctly Size Your Etsy Photos With The Photoshop Express App

The editing app I recommend for photo editing on your smartphone is the Photoshop Express app. It has a great selection of tools without too many confusing bells and whistles. And, it’s one of the very few editing apps that allows you to set a custom size crop.

So go ahead. Download that free app.  It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Okay! So now that you have the app, open an unedited photo. Select the “crop” tool, then the “free size” option.

Next, swipe through the crop options all the way to the right where you’ll see “custom” and select that.

Next, a dialog box will pop up and show your existing image sizes. Note: If your original size not at least 3000 px wide and 2400 px tall, you will not be able to to enlarge it to that size.

Deselect then “link” in between the two numbers (this will allow the ratio to change when you input the pixels), and type in 3000 for the width and 2400 for the height.

Once that’s done, hit “apply.”

Then, hit the back button on the top left. This will allow you to save your image.

When prompted, hit “save,”

And just like that, your image will be saved with the correct ratio and resolution.

You can find your finished image in your “Photoshop Express” folder.

Happy snapping,


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  1. I just downloaded the app but I don’t see the free size option once I enter the crop option. What am I missing?

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  2. I just download it on my iphone, but the options are lit bit different and also doesnt have the “custom” option! any idea?

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  3. Hello! Just wanted to say how excited I am about this blog post and what you’re contributing to us etsy sellers , it is truely appreciated! ♡
    Wanted to see if you had some tips on the actual picture taking itself. My phone camera pictures shows up to a resolution of 3264×2448 and when I crop It down as shown in your tutorial to desired size it still comes out very fuzzy. Any idea why this could be?

  4. Hi Amy. When I swipe through the crop options all the way to the right, I do not see “custom”. Can you check the Photoshop Express App on your phone or ipad and let me know if something has changed, and how I can find it?
    Please email me at the email address I left on this form.

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      Hi Terri! If you’re using the iPhone, I believe iPhone doesn’t have that option. On an earlier comment I recommended using a third party app to resize your image for iPhone/iPad. Hope that helps!

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