Your creative brand + product photography guru, changing the way you feel about photography for your business

I can teach you photography - but what if I taught you to LOVE photography instead?

Photography is a beautiful, meaningful, and emotive craft.

The technical "how-to" is important, but the real magic is in the joyful, creative, love for photography.

That's where you (and I) truly thrive.

Creativity is Everything

I learned the hard way...

For several years, even as a working photographer, I thought I "wasn't creative". I could take a very technically-correct, pleasing to look at, commercial photo.

But the photos didn't make anyone FEEL anything. They didn't make ME feel anything.

In July of 2020, I embarked on a very personal and painful quest to recover my creative soul. This journey changed me as a creative - for the better - and changed the impact and transformation I provide for others too.

My business evolved from teaching people how to simply take a nice photo to how to craft powerful images that evoke feeling, desire, and emotion.

listen to amy's story

...So you could learn the easy way.

In my online courses, creatives are given the space and simplicity to learn photography techniques in an uncomplicated, straightforward way.

Through the freedom of understanding *how* to take a great photo, you are then able to explore the photography as a craft.

Pulling from your own incredible creative source, you'll begin crafting impactful, emotive, and effective images for your business - and what once felt like a dreaded chore, will now be an element of your business you look forward to with enthusiasm and joy.

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