Meet Amy

I am a product photographer and small-town East Coast girl recently returned to her roots in beautiful Nova Scotia.

I began my journey as a photographer with a 110mm neon orange camera when I was 8 years old. I took pictures of EVERYTHING. Waiting for my film to come back was agonizing. Fast forward about 17 years or so to when I got my first DSLR camera and officially fell in love with the craft of photography.  I began my photography business shortly thereafter and worked as a photographer for several years before turning my attention to teaching others – handmade sellers specifically – to take their own beautiful photos. Picture Profit Academy was born and that little girl with the 110mm camera's heart became full. Teaching photography to such a fantastic community has been truly more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined.

Business aside, I share my life with a pretty fantastic guy named Jeff and a tiny human named Nate.  Our family also includes two pretty awesome dogs, one big and furry (Ben) and one small and nearly bald (Mickey).  My family are my reason “why” – why I work my buns off in my business, why I'm the happiest gal around, and why I get out of bed everyday.  A perfect day for me includes coffee, a bit of work ('cause I really do love what I do), a walk along the shore with my loves (and camera, obviously), followed by probably pizza or seafood, and then finishing off the day with some video games or a movie.

I'm a photographer turned educator teaching handmade and product-based sellers how to DIY their own killer product photos.  I'm based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Drop me an email to talk about how I can help you change your biz with amazing images.

  • Snapped this official announcement in about 3 seconds on the desk in my front room. No white foam board. Just my smartphone. Easy, right?

Sometimes overthinking the shot can prevent you from taking a good one. When you're feeling confused, unsure, and overwhelmed, just take a few steps back and simplify.

Baby #2 coming in May 2019. 😊
  • In my 5 day challenge this week, I'm hearing from lots of handmade sellers that they can't take photos in natural light when it's raining or overcast.

I'm here to say you TOTALLY can!

If you have a tripod, the ability to manually control your camera a bit, and the knowledge, you CAN make overcast days work for you.

Like this shot. I needed to get this shoot  done for, but it was raining as far as the forecast could see and I really wanted natural light for the shot. So I said screw it, and took the photos anyway. And they turned out pretty damn good.

This photo was taken with a Nikon D800 and 85mm 1.8 lens. ISO 400, aperture 2.8, and shutter speed 1/30. I used a tripod for stability. Shot in completely natural light.

Question? Drop em below!
  • Gorgeous bag, gorgeous photo! 📸

I didn't take this photo but Gillian (@piprobins), who took my free 5 day training last time around, did.👏👏👏 Since taking my 5 day training in April, Gillian's Instagram followers have grown by 1000 and she has a waitlist a mile long of customers wanting to buy her bags. (swipe right to see Gillian's own words about the training)

The best part? I'm hosting my free 5 day training again next week and you're invited. Gillian signed up again and is hoping to take her follower count to 10k! What will having great photos do for you?

Click the link in my profile to sign up and find out!
  • What do you do for self-care?

That's what we're talking about today in the #cwgetsocial challenge. Some of the participants have expressed that they don't really exercise self-care. And I was all like, whaaaaaaat?! Friends, you have GOT to self-care.

Running your own business is exhausting, stressful, and can be all-consuming at times. And what does that lead to? Everyone say it with me now: BURNOUT!

When I started out with my business, the idea of "hustling" and working non-stop to make you dreams come true was all the rage. There was a definite message of "if you aren't working all waking hours, you're not serious about your business" going around. Being stubborn like I am, I immediately decided to F that idea. I mean, seriously... Do we seek out the freedom of entrepreneurship so that we can find ourselves chained to our desks all hours of the day? Hell no. I wanted to be my own boss so that I could work less, make more money, and have more free time. So that's what I did, and that's the kind of business I built.

Believe it or not, even with a full-time business and an 18 month old little one that is home with me, I still exercise a lot of self-care. It's imperative to my (and my business's) survival. If I don't make time for myself, I pay for it. So I've made "me" time a priority. I rarely work in the evenings, and at least a couple of times a week I do stuff like relax or garden during Nate's nap. Gardening is my favourite. Being outside and tending my plants makes me feel replenished. 
So, what are your self-care habits?
  • How about a little behind-the-scenes?

Day 5 of this #cwgetsocial challenge was work in progress. As a photographer, works in progress are really more like behind the scenes, since our masterpieces involve a lot of set up and planning, and then they're created in just a split second.

So, I wanted to take the chance to show you one of my favourite and most convenient aspects of how I work. My prop trolly.

I have... A LOT of props. To put it mildly. If I had to dig through storage containers, drawers, and shelves every time I had to take some product photos, I'd never get anything done. So, I have them all ready to go in my prop cart. I just wheel it out of my office and to my shooting area. Then wheel it back when I'm done. It saves me running back and forth if I've forgotten something, and it keeps everything organized so I can find it easily.

What shortcuts do you use to save yourself time when you're creating?
  • Today kicks off Day 1 of the social media challenge in my Facebook group, Creative Wild Collective and today's prompt is to share a post that captures your "why". You know, the reason why you do what you do. Why you work your buns off. Why you pour so much effort into making your business successful.

My why - these guys. Having a career that's flexible, fulfilling, and that makes me so happy, lets me be the best I can be for my family. It's allowed us to move to my beautiful home province of Nova Scotia and next year it will allow my husband to leave his demanding job to be able to be home with us. It's our dream, and it's super close. Thanks to my business. And that's my why. Happiness. Family. Living our best lives. Not being part of the "grind". Living the dream.

What's yours?
  • Here's a question for ya... How well do you know your ideal customer?
You might know their age, gender, and a general interest of theirs (they like yoga!). But do you know their family status? Their values? What's important to them? What they do on their spare time? Do you know what YOU want from your ideal customers? Do you know where to find them?
I'd venture to say that most handmade sellers (certainly the ones who are struggling to make their business sustainable) don't know the answers to those questions.
The ideal customer seems elusive to a lot of makers, or may even seem silly. You make stuff. People buy it. What else is there to it?
Well, let me just say that I don't one single successful handmade business that doesn't know who their ideal customer is.
An ideal customer is the type of person who is most likely to want to buy your stuff, at the price point at which you want to sell it. But if you don't know who this type of person is, you won't know where to find them or how to attract them. So, you'll struggle to make sales, you'll feel unsure about your products, and you'll be frustrated about your lack of growth. It sucks.
Does that sound like you? If so, I want you to go to the link in my profile right now. This week in my Facebook group we're talking about ideal customers. Join us! And starting on Monday (September 10th), I'm beginning the second round of my Meet Your Marketing masterclass that'll help makers just like you figure out exactly who your ideal customer is, where to find them, and how to take photos that will appeal to them.
So, you're going to the link in my profile right now, right? Cool? Great. See you in there. :) 📷
  • Here's a styling tip for you today!
When styling your lifestyle or social media photos, consider mixing textures. Combine soft fabrics and knits with props that are smooth, strong, cool, rough or hard. Like I did with this photo I took for @metaphysiquetoronto!