Meet Amy

I am a product photographer and small-town East Coast girl recently returned to her roots in beautiful Nova Scotia.

I began my journey as a photographer with a 110mm neon orange camera when I was 8 years old. I took pictures of EVERYTHING. Waiting for my film to come back was agonizing. Fast forward about 17 years or so to when I got my first DSLR camera and officially fell in love with the craft of photography.  I began my photography business shortly thereafter and worked as a photographer for several years before turning my attention to teaching others – handmade sellers specifically – to take their own beautiful photos. Picture Profit Academy was born and that little girl with the 110mm camera’s heart became full. Teaching photography to such a fantastic community has been truly more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined.

Business aside, I share my life with a pretty fantastic guy named Jeff and a tiny human named Nate.  Our family also includes two pretty awesome dogs, one big and furry (Ben) and one small and nearly bald (Mickey).  My family are my reason “why” – why I work my buns off in my business, why I’m the happiest gal around, and why I get out of bed everyday.  A perfect day for me includes coffee, a bit of work (’cause I really do love what I do), a walk along the shore with my loves (and camera, obviously), followed by probably pizza or seafood, and then finishing off the day with some video games or a movie.

I’m a photographer turned educator teaching handmade and product-based sellers how to DIY their own killer product photos.  I’m based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Drop me an email to talk about how I can help you change your biz with amazing images.