DIY Product Photography for Handmade Sellers

because better photos leads to better sales

DIY Product Photography For Handmade Sellers

Because better photos leads to better sales

Are your product photos up to par?

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Picture Profit Academy

Courses for handmade and Etsy sellers who want to learn how to take their product photography (and in turn, their sales) to a whole new level of awesome.

Join over 450 students already enrolled and learn to create gorgeous product photos for your Etsy shop that will have customers swooning over your products and hitting that add-to-cart button faster than you can say cha-ching. Because better photos leads to better sales!

Enroll in courses that cover the three most important aspects of product photography –  lighting, editing, and styling – to master the most challenging areas of DIY product photography and never dread “photo day” again. Heck, you might even find yourself enjoying taking photos of your stuff!


Why learn from me?

As a product photographer, I’ve worked with handmade and product-based businesses from across the globe, shooting their awesome products in my own studio and helping them grow their sales through killer photos. I have also had the pleasure of providing education to handmade sellers on how to DIY their own product photography through in-person workshops, my blog, Facebook groups, webinars, and now, online courses.

I'm a product photographer by trade and a handmade business cheerleader by heart. As a lover of all things handmade and small biz, I’ve seen the all-too-real struggle when you’re trying to figure out how to create images that look like they were taken by a pro, while avoiding the hefty price tag of professional photography. I’ve seen and felt the void of this kind of education in the handmade community. And I’m so stoked to be able to fill it.

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My Story

I'm a small-town East Coast girl recently returned to my roots in Nova Scotia, Canada, from working as a product photographer in the big city of Toronto. Even though I love being a photographer, something was missing. I wanted to help people. And, being a bit of a free spirited, go-where-I-want kind of girl, I also wanted to build a business that would allow me to work from anywhere I chose to live – specifically, my tiny, rural, ocean-hugged province of Nova Scotia. My journey has led me to build Picture Profit Academy, an online photography school for awesome handmade sellers who create beautiful things and just want to take great photos of their stuff so they can find success doing what they love. To date, Picture Profit Academy has enrolled 450 students who are now ROCKING IT with their product photography. 

And as for me, I'm living my best life in a place that looks like it was painted by Bob Ross with my beautiful son, two awesome dogs, and one phenomenally supportive husband. You can learn more about me by clicking below.

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Awesome Images Lead to Better Sales

It's just that simple.


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  • Alright guys. You know I don't talk business on here very often. But this deserves a mention.
Enrollment for my product photography course, Snap, Sell, Succeed, is currently open (but closes tomorrow night). This time around I've put a big spotlight on my amazing students - and I discovered the HUGE impact that SSS has had on so many of them. I had no idea!
Teresa's product went viral after being shared on a page with 6 million followers. It was shared over 100,000 times and she had to take two weeks off of work from her day job to fill orders. Thanks to her product photos. -
Stephanie attributes her product photos to going viral as well. She is having to raise her prices and extend her turnaround times and is even looking into hiring help.
Amy got one of her first sales just a few months after completing SSS. It was for FORTY FIVE greeting cards! Crappy product photos do not get that kind of order. Hers were on point. 👌
Honestly, I could go on but Instagram has a character limit. But suffice it to say, I'm so incredibly proud of my students and the program I developed for handmade sellers. It warms my heart to see the transformations that their photos and businesses have gone through. -
If you're interested in learning more about SSS, you can check out the link in my profile.
  • Let talk cabins. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I cannot WAIT to start exploring my 240 acres of forest. Future plans for the land include an off-grid cabin, that eventually will be all-season. Do you have any experience with off-grid life? Or building cabins in general? We're not planning on anything fancy, just something small and cozy and respectful of the land around it. This year to start, we're going to find our location where we want to build, clear some trails, and possibly build the floor so we can put our tent on it. I can't wait to share the journey with you!
  • I took this almost a year ago now. I can't believe how much our lives have transformed in the last year. Becoming parents, moving to Nova Scotia, I started my online business teaching product photography to handmade sellers a mere 9 months ago... Can't wait to see where we'll be this time next year. 😊 What are your big goals this year?
  • I'm in pre-launch mode over here, getting ready for a 5 day challenge and the subsequent launch of my program Snap, Sell, Succeed (for the third time). My brainspace is maxed out trying to think up new and exciting ways to let people know about SSS. I want this launch to be wildly successful (okay, I want them all to be wildly successful) because the first two have been AH-mazing. The pressure to keep the momentum is reeeal. There are two real reasons I want this launch to be an out of the park homerun. One - I legit love helping handmade sellers rock their product photos. I've seen my students' businesses transform and its the best feeling ever to know I helped play a part in that. And two - I'm working on building a business that will allow my husband to eventually leave his full-time job and start his own business (and take care of the baby - because working a full-time business with a 1 year old is tough). That won't be happening right away, but the goal is there and I'm ready to smash it. 😊 So, what's your why?
  • And just like that, he's one. This past year has been both the quickest and longest of my life. And it has, by far, been my happiest. Hands down. Happy birthday, my little love. Here's to many more. ❤️
  • It's been a while since I've posted because I've been ridiculously busy unpacking our stuff (whyyyy do we have so much stuff?!), and working, and caring for my little one... But it's been even longer since I've taken any actual products photos for anyone. As a means to fund my subscription box obsession, I've collaborated with a few boxes so I keep my portfolio fresh and get fun things in the mail at the same time. Win win. This shot I took for @allgirlshaveclub and I really dig it. It feels nice to actually be a photographer again. 😊
  • I've been quiet lately, not because I have nothing to share but because I've been SO busy moving into our new house! We just finished painting the baby's room sky blue and we're so excited to finish putting his room together.
It feels really overwhelming to get the house to a point where it feels like ours. This house was move in ready and it's STILL a ton of work. Plumbing work, drywall, painting, cleaning, numerous trips to Home Depot, a ridiculous amount of deliveries of the stuff we've ordered... We're tired!
What's the one thing you need to make a house feel like home? For me it's a clean kitchen to cook in, a set up and unpacked bedroom to sleep in, and a space to work in. The kitchen and bedroom are almost there... The office is up next! 😊
  • Of all the things we've been ordering from @wayfaircanada to go in our new home, I'm most excited about this! It's a sheep ottoman named FLOSSIE you guys!
In related news, I could use your advice. I'm setting up our front living space to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The room will mostly be a space where Nate can play and I can work at the same time. Flossie will be part of the room (because I love her). We'll also have a sofa, a fabric ottoman/coffee table with storage inside, a cube shelf with fabric bins where I can stash more of Nate's stuff, a desk + chair for me, and a baby gate to keep him contained. What am I missing? What else should I have or avoid having? My goal is to set up a space where he can play and enjoy himself without me having to tell him "no" and stop him from getting into things constantly! And that also still looks like a nice space without baby stuff all over the place (hence all the storage for stashing baby toys). Oh, and there will be no curtains, just cordless blinds. Suggestions welcome! AKA plz halp.