DIY Product Photography for Handmade Sellers

because better photos leads to better sales

DIY Product Photography For Handmade Sellers

Because better photos leads to better sales

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Picture Profit Academy

Courses for handmade and Etsy sellers who want to learn how to take their product photography (and in turn, their sales) to a whole new level of awesome.

Join over 450 students already enrolled and learn to create gorgeous product photos for your Etsy shop that will have customers swooning over your products and hitting that add-to-cart button faster than you can say cha-ching. Because better photos leads to better sales!

Enroll in courses that cover the three most important aspects of product photography –  lighting, editing, and styling – to master the most challenging areas of DIY product photography and never dread “photo day” again. Heck, you might even find yourself enjoying taking photos of your stuff!


Why learn from me?

As a product photographer, I’ve worked with handmade and product-based businesses from across the globe, shooting their awesome products in my own studio and helping them grow their sales through killer photos. I have also had the pleasure of providing education to handmade sellers on how to DIY their own product photography through in-person workshops, my blog, Facebook groups, webinars, and now, online courses.

I’m a product photographer by trade and a handmade business cheerleader by heart. As a lover of all things handmade and small biz, I’ve seen the all-too-real struggle when you’re trying to figure out how to create images that look like they were taken by a pro, while avoiding the hefty price tag of professional photography. I’ve seen and felt the void of this kind of education in the handmade community. And I’m so stoked to be able to fill it.

How To Learn from Me

My Story

I’m a small-town East Coast girl recently returned to my roots in Nova Scotia, Canada, from working as a product photographer in the big city of Toronto. Even though I love being a photographer, something was missing. I wanted to help people. And, being a bit of a free spirited, go-where-I-want kind of girl, I also wanted to build a business that would allow me to work from anywhere I chose to live – specifically, my tiny, rural, ocean-hugged province of Nova Scotia. My journey has led me to build Picture Profit Academy, an online photography school for awesome handmade sellers who create beautiful things and just want to take great photos of their stuff so they can find success doing what they love. To date, Picture Profit Academy has enrolled 450 students who are now ROCKING IT with their product photography. 

And as for me, I’m living my best life in a place that looks like it was painted by Bob Ross with my beautiful son, two awesome dogs, and one phenomenally supportive husband. You can learn more about me by clicking below.

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Awesome Images Lead to Better Sales

It’s just that simple.


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  • Of all the things we've been ordering from @wayfaircanada to go in our new home, I'm most excited about this! It's a sheep ottoman named FLOSSIE you guys!
In related news, I could use your advice. I'm setting up our front living space to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The room will mostly be a space where Nate can play and I can work at the same time. Flossie will be part of the room (because I love her). We'll also have a sofa, a fabric ottoman/coffee table with storage inside, a cube shelf with fabric bins where I can stash more of Nate's stuff, a desk + chair for me, and a baby gate to keep him contained. What am I missing? What else should I have or avoid having? My goal is to set up a space where he can play and enjoy himself without me having to tell him "no" and stop him from getting into things constantly! And that also still looks like a nice space without baby stuff all over the place (hence all the storage for stashing baby toys). Oh, and there will be no curtains, just cordless blinds. Suggestions welcome! AKA plz halp.
  • Home sweet home. I am back from New York, and thrilled to say that the paperwork is complete and I've handed it in to my lawyer. Assuming there's no hold-ups at the county office, I should be having my name added to the deed as we speak.
I visited my land today and took this first photo, and have been dreaming of its future as a healthy forest that supports wildlife and biodiversity. We are eager to start exploring all 240 acres and discover all the wonders it holds. Sadly, just down the road from my land is a forest that hasn't had anyone to protect it. (swipe right to see the devastation) It's been clear cut by loggers and stands exposed and scarred. It will grow back, but to think of the wildlife that lost their homes and the ecosystem that has been damaged, it breaks my heart. Thankfully, my land won't fall victim to the same fate at long as I'm alive to say so.
  • Look familiar, Downton Abbey fans? Also, I'm curious - who's your favourite character? I love soooo many but Violet, the Dowager Countess, probably would be mine! -
I took the opportunity while I'm in New York to visit the Downton Abbey exhibition and guys, it was AMAZING. From the sets to the hologram Carson to the costumes on display, it was seriously so awesome.
All this was a bit of celebration for me because I got the paperwork for the land all done! Signed, sealed, and almost delivered. So stoked!
  • Land update. If you've been following the story of the 240 acres of forest I am to inherit, you know that there have been challenges securing the future of this beautiful piece of the Earth. My godfather, who has been unwell, has been unable to initiate the complicated legal process of leaving land that's in another country to someone who lives in said other country. And because he's been unwell there's been the pressure of time and fate to contend with. It has meant a great deal to him and to me to have the land stay in our family. This land has been in our family for over 100 years (probably even longer, this is just the longest history I was able to find on it), and to lose it, especially to loggers who would clear cut the forest, would be heartbreaking for both of us. -
I had the opportunity to speak with a property lawyer who advised that the easiest way to secure the land is for me to be listed as a joint owner on the deed now, before anything happens. So, I've had the paperwork drafted up and I am en route to New York City on Monday to get them signed by my godfather. Once completed and returned to my lawyer up here, the land will be safe.
Travelling on short notice in between a big work event and buying a new house won't be easy, oh and did I mention I'll be leaving my baby for the first time? 😭😭😭 But to see my beloved godfather, give him my love, and secure our land's future will be worth it.
Expect to see lots of IG stories, as I'm traveling alone and will have no one else to talk to. 🤣  Wish me luck!
  • You guys, I am so excited. I found this long-forgotten film camera of my dad's when I was going through his stuff looking for a compass to help us navigate The Land. I found the manual for it online and it's totally inspired me to experiment with film photography. AND our new house has the perfect location or a little dark room, so I might even dabble in my own development. Adding to the personal projects! So pumped!
Do you remember the film days? Do you still have a film camera? Anyone want to embark on this journey with me?! 😊 #socialnotstrategy
  • Remember how I mentioned that I'd be exploring and building a camp on 240 acres of woodland? I went to visit the land today. There's a bit of a story behind this land, and truth be told, the fate of it kind of hangs in the balance.
To make long story short, this land belongs to my cousin/godfather. He and I are very close and he has no other family, so he wants me to inherit the land. He has had a slew of health troubles as of late and has no official paperwork in place. His difficulties make facilitating this process almost impossible. He lives in NYC, the paperwork is complicated (I think), and I'm afraid I'm going to lose the land that has been in my family for just about ever. So, I'm on a quest to get the legalities of everything in place so I can honour the land, honour my godfather, protect it from loggers, and keep it in the family. Wish me luck, and if you know of any lawyers who can help us, send em my way. 😊
In the meantime, here are some photos of this beautiful forest that I took today. The forest is overgrown, with lots of dead brush and trees, but it's breathtakingly beautiful. Also, if you know anyone who knows anything about maintaining healthy forests send 'em my way too. 😊 #socialnotstrategy
  • One of my personal projects right now is going through and archiving my paternal grandmother's photo albums. I'm more attached to these old photos than I am any other material possession because through these photos I have been able to come to know my grandmother whom I didn't have the chance to know in this physical life.
Through her photos and with the help of her sister (my great aunt, who has also since passed away) I have gotten to know my grandmother's life story. She was a woman with spunk and spirit and a kind heart. She was a woman who endured not one but two tragic love stories. When I was in my mid-teens, laying in bed after an evening of my great-aunt telling my grandmother's story, I cried for her. I felt her pain. I've felt a strong connection to her energy through her stories and photos, and I'm really very grateful for that.
This photo is of my grandmother as a young woman, working behind the counter at one of the shops here in our town (the shop is no longer there). I recently shared these photos on a local forum and heard some wonderful stories from those who fondly remember going into the store and her waiting on them. Stories like that help me piece together her life, and I'm slowly getting closer to the full picture of her time here on Earth.
Do you have old photos of your loved ones? Have you taken the time to go through them? What steps are you taking now to ensure your grandchildren (or grand nieces and nephews) know who you were? What legacy are you leaving them?
  • Some days coffee = life. For real though, coffee is my favourite part of the morning. Oh, and another fun fact about me - I'm a notebook addict.
In my last post, I talked about my major Instagram shake up and started a revolution (a personal one although I hope it catches fire) to bring the "social" back to social media. So there are going to be some changes around here. Not sure if you want to stick around with me through this change? Here are some things about me to help you decide:
1/ I'm kind of a potty mouth sometimes. I keep it contained when I'm working for the most part, but this is my personal space now. There may be the odd swears popping up, just so you know.
2/ I hate it when people follow me and then unfollow me just to try to get followers. Anyone else feel that way? It feels just gross. This is SOCIAL media. Not sketchy-business-strategy media. If you don't want to follow me and get to know me and chat with me - don't follow me. Just don't even. #socialnotstrategy
3/ I've got some cool personal projects coming up, like moving into (and decorating) our new house, archiving hundreds of super old family photos, exploring and building a camp on 240 acres of woodland, and raising a child (yes, I consider my son a long term personal project - hopefully my crowning achievement, but we'll see). I'll be sharing all that right here.
4/ There's going to be a lot of super long posts just like this one. It's blogging, folks. If you're still reading this, you're awesome. I like you.
5/ I won't just post stuff for the sake of posting once a day to appease the algorithm gods. I'm going to share when I have something to share. #idowhatiwant
Those are the basics. A lot more me. A lot more projects. A lot more text. Still nice photos though (hey, I'm a photographer, what can I say). If you're still here, I'm so excited for thisssss! It's going to be fun and rewarding and well... A relief. I want to be real. And I want to get to know you too. Talk to me! What personal projects do you have coming up that you're excited about? 👇🏻