Skyrocket Your Sales with Beautiful Images

For Your Small Biz

Skyrocket Your Sales with Beautiful Images

For Your Small Biz

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The Complete DIY Product Photography Course For Handmade Sellers
Who Want To Take Their Sales and Success To A Whole New Level

You could spend $1000+ every time you need some products photographed for your shop or social media. Or, you could empower yourself AND save a pile of money by learning how to master the art of taking amazing product photos all by yourself. It’s the first and last course you’ll ever need to create stunning product photos like a pro.

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I am thrilled to be able to work with amazing clients from all over the world.  From taking killer brand photos of bosses themselves to creating exceptionally high quality images that show off their products and create buzz, I’m all about creating images that draw clients and customers to you.
My services include custom brand images, beautifully styled images of your products, impeccable shots of your product on crisp white backgrounds, and rocking photos of you that ooze just what you and your brand are all about.  I’ve got your image needs covered.
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I am a small-town East Coast girl living and working in the big city of Toronto, fuelled by Starbucks and inspiration from other creatives. I’ve been a photographer and proud member of the creative community since 2008. There’s not much I love more than working with creative entrepreneurs, either showcasing their hard work through beautiful images I’ve taken or teaching (and empowering) them to take their own photos.  You know what I else I love?  When my clients tell me how much they love the images and how those images have increased their sales, social media engagement, and/or blog following.  Doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Oh, and speaking of sweet, I also love candy. That’s a real thing.

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Awesome Images Lead to Better Sales

It’s just that simple.


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  • This drool face cut two teeth this week! Bless his heart. ❤️
  • Kind of obsessed with the @newscotlandclothing brand. I'd photograph their line in exchange for free shirts in a heartbeat.
  • My two best guys... They're also super excited to be making their home here in Nova Scotia. I have always told Jeff that he was born in the wrong place. He may have been born and raised in Toronto but he is nothing like you'd expect a guy from Toronto to be. He's super chill and laid back, loves relaxing and appreciates the slow pace of life. He loves being outside, exploring and adventuring in nature and he's as kind as they come. He's a Nova Scotian at heart and I know he'll love living here as much as I do. 😊 ❤️
  • Home is where the heart is. ❤️ I left Nova Scotia almost 8 years ago for Ontario. My life was dramatically different then, and I think at that time it was the right move for me. There have been good things about living there, like being close to my nephew for the first few years of his life, meeting the love of my life, having our baby, and I've had some cool experiences. I've met some wonderful friends who I adore. I developed a business I love. It's been a good time. But there comes a time when you can just feel in your bones that time has run out in a certain season of your life. You feel uncomfortable in your current state and can hear something else calling you. For me, that thing that is calling me is home; Nova Scotia. The place where the ocean meets the sky. The place where people are warm and kind and go out of their way to hold the door for you. Where traditions run strong, and the salt air heals your soul.  For me and my family, we're more than ready to make this change. In October, Jeff, Nate, Ben, Mickey and I are moving to my home province. And we couldn't be more excited. 😊
  • An artist being awesome at the Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival at Alderny Landing. I didn't catch his name - anyone know? @dartmouthcomix
  • Let's talk about this soap though. (spotted at Dartmouth Comic Art Festival).
  • This past weekend I got the chance to totally nerd out over all the creative geekery at the Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival. Damn, these nerds are some gifted artists and makers. I've never felt so at home. Between being in Nova Scotia, surrounded by handmade sellers and artists, to the sheer geekiness of it all, it was basically my mecca.
  • At what point do we lose that uninhibited, free spirited ability to just randomly dance in public?